Territorial Execution of Responsible Research and Innovation, Evaluation and Responsiveness

TERRIER aims at transforming some European regions (classified as Peripheral, or with Vulnerable or Indigenous communities) with a S3 strategy into a Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) territorial community. This strategy should be open to the world, supporting connectivity, collectivity, creativity and evidence-based change, according to the Smart Specialization Platform under S3 Cooperation (with South Africa and Australia). So this applies: () to regional governments and local actors) in R&I activities mainly from peripheral, vulnerable and Indigenous communities (also in South Africa and Australia). TERRIER’s objective is to extend the knowledge based on RRI principles and Sustainable Development Goals and enable territorial policies to develop transparent working and governance models.




1.- Gather experiences of RRI in territorial partnerships and networks to identify goodpractices, barriers and problems in order to develop a territorial RRI Methodology and Toolkit across 8 S3 implementations in 8 countries (Italy, Spain, South Africa, UK, Germany, Finland, Romania and Australia) with pilots covering Horizon 2020 societal challenges such as sustainable food production, urban development and Smart and Green transport.

 2.- Build and crystallise a pan-European community of practice on the use of responsible research and innovation in territorial initiatives and, 

 3.- Develop and disseminate the corresponding policy implications and lessons for S3 implementation. Impact: The knowledge obtained in this project will be used to develop strategies to target more efficiently the sustainable goals of the United Nations 2030 agenda in Europe and specifically the regions by enabling the decision making of processes related with the smart specialization strategy (S3) of the territories affecting the Research and Innovation ecosystems promoting new narratives and with a more pluralistic vision that redefine the govern of stakeholders interests.