System for measuring and maximising the impact for the Poles of Knowledge


Construction and activation of a system for the evaluation and eventual maximisation of the impact and value generated by Euskampus through the Poles of Knowledge.  



Through this project, Euskampus assumes the goal of constructing new contextualised paradigms and evaluation criteria based on a debate that could lead us to think about the kind of science we want and for what purpose or, in other words, its social impact and relevance and the extent to which it can contribute towards achieving a fairer and more equal society in response to the social and global challenges.

In this way, the in-house construction of a system for measuring the social value and impact, which in turn will be applied to Euskampus’ own activity, has the ultimate aim of moving forward in the transformation, sophistication and enrichment of the current methods of assessment installed in the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network (RVCTI). The following objectives have been specifically designed:

  • Creation of a system for measuring the social impact generated by the Poles of Knowledge seeking to transform the traditional evaluation mechanisms of the scientific/technological activity.
  • Implementation and application of the social value measurement system generated in the poles of knowledge aimed at improving the strategic and operational decision-making of Euskampus.
  • Transfer, valuation and dissemination of the project to the trustees of Euskampus and other collaborating entities.


Players Involved

The trustees of Euskampus are participating directly at researcher level and at an institutional level. The project is being implemented in conjunction with BBK Fundazioa and Stone Soup.


Role of Euskampus

Euskampus Fundazioa in close collaboration with the UPV/EHU, Tecnalia, DIPC and with BBK Fundazioa and Stone Soup is responsible for the design and implementation of this R&D and Innovation project.


Main milestones/actions undertaken

  • Main milestones developed:
    • Construction of the Change Theory of the Knowledge Poles.
    • Conversion into measurable indicators of the values identified by the researchers and the institutional representatives of the trustees.
  • Milestones under development:
    • Identification of the financial proxies.
    • Analysis of the social impact generated by the Poles of Knowledge.