Sciences and Technologies for Health


“Prevention when possible, Treatment when necessary,

Knowledge… ALWAYS”

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Strategic Framework


Strategies for health promotion, prevention and treatment of the most prevalent diseases, such as:

  • Neurodegenerative and psychiatric illnesses
  • Cancer
  • Cardio- and cerebrovascular diseases
  • Healthcare model, covering the impact of ageing
  • Frail, elderly people
  • Citizenship: model of future communities, social behaviour, social/health care, long-term care, etc.


Promotion of translationality and collaboration between agents working together:

  • Changes in the structures and the way agents relate to each other (health - industry - research centres - university)
  • Mainstreaming promotion from the administration (for example, with multidisciplinary calls based on challenges)
  • Future professionals we need to incorporate

Agenda for actions

  1. Possible Joint Cross-Border Laboratory (LTC) for Systemic Diseases-LUPUS.
  2. Request for collaborative projects at regional, national and European level.
  3. UPV/EHU Summer Course Systemic Autoimmune Diseases
  4. Facilitation of a Neuroscience Working Group within the RIS3-Health Biosciences Pilot Group.
  5. Human Brain Project. Work on the Spanish HUB and consolidation of strategic alliances.
  6. Eurogerontopole approval at international level.
  7. Organisation of Euroregional Biomedical Sessions.


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