Renewable Offshore Marine Energies

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“By its very nature, the sea is one huge energy container. If we can tap into its full potential as an energy source, we could open up vast new possibilities” (Basque Energy Agency).



  • University of the Basque Country - UPV/EHU:

Dept. of GeodynamicsDept. of Electrical EngineeringDept. of Nuclear Engineering and Fluid MechanicsDept. of Systems and Automation EngineeringDept. of Electronic Technology


Strategic Framework


Technological development in floating wind power and wave energy to boost international positioning and export the technology developed, considering economic performance and technological adaptation.


Assessment and selection of the best locations for wind power generation (5MW) projects in the Basque coast, by means of a basic feature:

  • Study of the best fixed and floating foundations


Agenda for actions

  1. JRL- ORE. Joint Research Laboratory (JRL) on Offshore Renewable Energy. Collaborative Research and Teaching Laboratory between different Basque institutions on Offshore Marine Energy.
  2. Request for collaborative projects at regional, national and European level.
  3. Organisation of Congresses such as: Marine Energy Week
  4. Operational strategy for the presentation of international projects.
  5. 6th Marine Energy Conference, with over 50 attendees and focused on B2B meetings with 10 companies.


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