New Materials for Sustainability and Multifunctionality

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Strategic Framework


To become a benchmark in the development and processing of new. sustainable and cost-effective high-performance materials to respond to global challenges (low-carbon economy, circular economy, resilience...).

  • Working on:
  • Performance: multi-functional. New features and better performance. Technology
  • Sustainability: manufacturing (process) and materials. Society
  • Cost: market/industry



To become the European benchmark in the development of new sustainable materials in the scope of RIS3 by 2030.


To increase the market share of the use of biobased materials in the Construction sector with technical wood.


To reduce the environmental impact of cement-based materials, through the development of new processes and additives, performance improvement and the use of alternative raw materials.  


Agenda for actions

  1. Develop the BASKRETE Joint Research Laboratory (JRL) and the BASKRETE Joint Cross-Border Laboratory (LTC).
  2. Request for collaborative projects at regional, national and European level.
  3. POLYMERS Master at the University of Bordeaux.
  4. Strategy on bio-based materials.


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