Poles of Knowledge


The Euskampus Poles of Knowledge Community is a creative and innovative space formed by dynamic cooperatives based on co-creation between various researchers from the entities that make up the Euskampus Board of Trustees and other agents from the Basque Country. The main driving force is the search for answers to social and global challenges through cooperative (trans-disciplinary and multi-agent) training, research and innovation actions.

The new stage of the Euskampus Poles of Knowledge Community is focused around 6 Poles:



The competencies of the Social and Legal Sciences, Arts and Humanities knowledge areas will be integrated into the new Poles of Knowledge dynamic.

To deploy and manage of all this work, Euskampus Fundazioa has taken on the role of technical secretariat and stimulator, and manages the Poles of Knowledge Community with a dual purpose:

  • On one hand, it is the driver of the Community and more specifically, it is responsible for working with researchers from the participating entities through co-creation methodologies to establish the strategic frameworks and the action agendas, as well as following up, monitoring and evaluating the Poles.


  • On the other hand, it operates as an "investment partner" which manages an Investment Fund. This fund is managed as a seed capital fund to foster and accelerate the performance of the actions contemplated in the Poles, the returns of which will be the balanced scorecard indicators from the participating entities. This Investment Fund acts as a source of secondary funding with the dual objective to:
    • Facilitate the attraction of competitive public funding.
    • Complete the competitive public funding with ad hoc interventions that are not contemplated in existing funding instruments.