Euskampus Resilience COVID 19


The COVID-19 Pandemic, a healthcare, scientific, technological, financial, social, and political emergency and global challenge that requires more complex co-operative responses

Considering the immense challenges that we have been facing and those that we will have to respond to from this moment on as a result to the health crisis caused by COVID-19 pandemic and the social and economic consequences of the lockdown measures, we are now facing new scenarios that require for us to be more and better prepared for uncertainty regarding threats such as those that we are tackling today, or of any other sort.

Researchers from the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), Fundación Tecnalia Research & Innovation (TECNALIA), the Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC), and the University of Bordeaux (UB) have proven their great capacity to respond and have submitted numerous research projects to many public tenders and private initiatives that have arisen to support and promote R&D&I activities on all levels: Europe, Spain, Basque Country and Nouvelle Aquitaine. The four institutions are key R&D players, due to their size and excellence, with clearly complementary abilities. They also maintain a strategic alliance that is articulated by means of special tools and agreements, which is stimulated through EUSKAMPUS FUNDAZIOA with joint operational programmes.

In the current scenario, Euskampus Fundazioa launches the Euskampus COVID-19 Resilience Programme to support and catalyse collaborative projects focused on COVID-19 related challenges that have a great potential for social impact.

The four institutions are key R&D players, due to their size and excellence, with clearly complementary abilities.

Considering this formula, projects will have to comply with some minimum requirements:

  • Each project shall require the participation of at least two Euskampus Institutions (UPV/EHU, Tecnalia, University of Bordeaux).
  • Project leadership will be undertaken by an Euskampus Institution.
  • Euskampus Institutions will be the direct beneficiaries, exclusively, although other partner institutions may participate in the project as long as they are part of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation System (SVCTI) and/or from New Aquitaine.
  • The projects shall clearly identify a challenge that they will respond to and its possible social impact.
  • The deadline for applications shall end on 27 July at 17:00h.


You may download the general description of the Programme and the general terms for the tender here.

The application form is available here.

Thanks to this Programme, Euskampus Fundazioa seeks to contribute to the development of initiatives that promote the recovery of our society, while accompanying in the transition towards systems that are more resistant to future emergency situations.