Ocean i3 Project

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Participants of Ocean i3 project's workshop at Biarritz, 2019

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Ocean I3 Project is focused on the challenge “oceans plastic pollution” and its mission is to contribute to the reduction of pollution on the Basque-Aquitaine transboundary coast. The name Ocean i3 reflects on the 3 "i" in Basque language: Ikaskuntza/Learning-Ikerkuntza/Research-Iraunkortasuna/Sustainable Development.

It is an educational innovation project that seeks to develop transversal competences of university students based on Research Based Learning methodologies and challenges oriented to the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (RBL-ODS).

 Ocean i3 adopts the "Mission-Oriented Research and Innovation" approach (Mazzucato, 2018), and Civic University (Godard, 2012) approach. Student’s research projects and practices are oriented to the proposed mission mobilizing collaboration and co-construction of knowledge as well as solutions in close collaboration with territorial agents from the public, private and civil society sectors. The competences being developed, amongst others, have to do with interdisciplinarity, cross-sectoral approaches, systemic and integrated focus of problems, integration of ODS values as well as skills to be able to manage intercultural and multilingual situations.




Ocean i3 is developed within the framework of the "Bordeaux-Euskampus Campus" partnership.  By means of this collaboration agreement, the University of Bordeaux and the University of the Basque Country place themselves in relation to the blue economy and the cross-border and euro-regional smart specialization strategy, the so-called “Ocean Experiences", which is related to the entire sector of sliding and actions sports.

 Ocean i3 project is one of the pedagogical initiatives developed in Ocean Experiences Campus- Fuerte de Sokoa created in 2015 by both universities thanks to a collaboration agreement with the Communauté d’Aglomération du Pays Basque. Ocean i3 is one of the 3 pillars of the innovation ecosystem designed by the Ocean Experiences strategy; some of the facilities include a so-called  Halle Creativa-FABlab for prototyping, and the Ocean LivingLab (products testing and open sky laboratory).