Ocean i3 - Second workshop


Playa de Hondarribia. Segundo workshop Proyecto Ocean i3

The second workshop was held on February 14, 2019 at the premises of Txingudi Interpretation Center Ecoetxea. The opening of the workshop was done by UPV/EHU's Director of Sustainable Development Estibaliz Saenz de Cámara. Teachers and students from different disciplines (Pedagogy, Law, Engineering, Nursing, Business Studies, Criminology) gather to debate over the theme of Oceans and Plastics.

In the afternoon, a science citizenship activity was scheduled: collect the abandoned plastics on the beach and classify them with the help of a mobile app that generates automatically a database.The workshop was animated by Miguel Muñoz of SEO-BIRD, LIBERA project. During the first part of his talk, he introduced the concept of BASURALEZ-GARBAGE IN NATURE, from a more theoretical point of view. This enable the participants to reflect on the contamination of oceans by plastics, in a wider sense, more multidisciplinary and complex.

To finish, the students and teachers shared their approaches and research projects (Master Thesis) on which they are currently working within the framework of the Ocean i3 Project.