Ocean i3 - Fourth Workshop


On May 24 the Aquarium of Donostia- San Sebastian hosted the 4th workshop of the international educational innovation project Ocean i3.

The day began with a guided tour of the aquarium in which, in order to explore collaboration tracks, the projects developed  were also commented. During the workshop that followed, students and faculty participating in Ocean i3 focused mainly on sharing the progress of the projects the students are developing in the framework of the common challenge "ocean pollution by plastics". 

Next, they worked in teams to share ideas about the next end of project workshop for the month of June and planned and coordinated upcoming activities. 

Ocean i3 is a field of experimentation on multilingualism and interculturality for the deployment of the Bordeaux-Euskampus Campus. This is based on collaboration with the DREAM group (Donostia Research Group in Education and Multilingualism UPV / EHU)  and the expertise of the Euskampus team in this field. 

As a result of the observations made in previous workshops, a card game specially designed to dynamize the functioning of multilingual and intercultural project communities has been designed. This game was used experimentally for the first time in this meeting paying off when it came to highlighting that:

"Languages are not enemies but friends that can help each other" (Cenoz, 2008).