Ocean i3 - First Workshop


In the Water Sports Center, Hendaye, on January 18th, 2019, the first International Workshop Innovation Ocean i3, organized by the University of Bordeaux and the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU; a project within the framework of Campus Ocean, in its cross-borders location.

The main goal is to develop a pedagogical experimentation based on the collaboration between students and teachers from both universities. Research Based Learning and Mission Oriented focuses are being used as well as a  promoting a solid rooting in the cross-borders scenario in a Civic University code.

Agents from both universities, representing different disciplines such as Nursing and Health Studies, Law, Pedagogy or Engineering gather to debate over the route-map for 2019. With the focus: "Complex problems need multidisciplinary approaches", in this third edition will face the global problem: the sea pollution due to plastics and micro-plastics. A multilingual and multidisciplinary encounter.