Ocean i3 - Fifth Workshop


In the image, members of the Ocean i3 project: students, teachers, Experts Committee and management staff from the University of Bordeaux and Euskampus.

Results and evaluation with the community and Expert Committee


On 26 June, the last workshop of the 2018-2019 edition of  was held at the UPV/EHU Centro Joxe Mari Korta in Donostia-San Sebastian.


Video highlights of the Ocean i3 5th Workshop

The programme focussed on the presentation of the results obtained during this edition and on an exercise for assessing and developing proposals to continue co-creating this inter-university project with a strong local identity.


At the opening of day two, Idoia Fernandez, Vice Chancellor for Innovation, Social Commitment and Cultural Activity of the UPV/EHU, welcomed and commented on the links between Ocean i3 and IKD i3’s own educational model for promoting learning through research and sustainability.

All this is reflected in the recently published EHU Agenda 2030 for sustainable development 


In the image from left to right: Julieta Barrenechea standing, Itziar Rekalde, Igor Campillo, Idoiz Fernández, Sophie Herrera.

For his part, Igor Campillo, Director of Euskampus Fundazioa, introduced the context of the Bordeaux-Euskampus framework for collaboration between the University of the Basque Country and the University of Bordeaux within which Ocean i3 is developed.

Sophie Herrera, Director of the Ocean Experiences Platform of UB, also pointed out that both universities are developing Campus Ocean, designed for training and research linked to the blue economy of the Basque-Aquitaine cross-border coastline.

A storytelling to raise awareness of the approach to the Ocean i3 project, as well as the activities carried out during this first edition, were displayed.


Storytelling that illustrates the project 

The main attraction was delivered by the Ocean i3 student body, who presented the results of their work on plastic pollution in the ocean. All from various disciplines such as business administration, law, teaching, nursing, engineering, criminology and sports management, they set an example on the need to promote an interdisciplinary approach in order to understand and respond to this phenomenon in its complexity.


In the image: participants in the workshop, under the supervision of the experts committee. 

During the afternoon of this first day, a workshop was held in a 360º format in which students, teachers, institutional decision-makers, social and economic actors of the region could make an assessment and draw up proposals, counting on the contrast of an International Expert Committee. Endika Bengoetxea (European Research Council Executive Agency), María García (Value Creators-Windesheim College- Netherlands) and Giulia Sonnetti (Sustainability Specialist-Polytechnic University of Torino/Turin) offered guidance, lessons from experience and recommendations regarding the three roads to improvement :

a) interdisciplinary working,

b) Civic University (territorial integration) and

c) development of transversal skills in Ocean i3

Likewise, the results of the research work on multilingualism in the Ocean i3 community, carried out by Karin van der Worp of the UPV / EHU DREAM and Itxaso Etxebarria de Euskampus research group, were presented. A research work in contribution to the  language awareness and the rich linguistic diversity that exits in this community.