PhD in cotutelle


t is a PhD that is carried out at two universities in different countries, each of which awards a PhD qualification after a single thesis defence. In the case of the Euskampus-Bordeaux Campus, it is a thesis carried out between the UPV/EHU and the University of Bordeaux or the Bordeaux Montaigne University.


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1) What is a co-tutored PhD?


A co-tutored PhD requires:

  • a supervisor at each university
  • the PhD student to spend at least 9 months at each university (it is generally recommended that 50% of the 3 years of the project is spent at each university).
  • a signed agreement by both universities specifying, among other issues, the following:
  • the particular lengths of stay at each university
  • the supervisor at each university
  • the place where the defence of the thesis will take place
  • the members of the tribunal
  • the languages of the dissertation (written and defence)


Further information here:  (detailed information on co-tutorship on the MDe website by clicking on this link).

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2) Co-tutorships between the UB and the UPV/EHU


Around 20 co-tutored theses were defended between 2015 and 2018. 

There are currently around 30 active research projects, mainly in the fields of excellence of the two universities.

The PhD students who form part of the co-tutored PhD community may access:

-    all of the general training for PhD students offered by each university (further information on the UB website here  and on the UPV/EHU website here 

as well as several specific training organised by the Euskampus Fundazioa along with the universities, such as:

-    training in transversal skills for the co-tutored students

-   poster competition at the Euskampus-Bordeaux Symposium  (2014 al 2017). 

-   My Thesis in 180 Seconds at the Euskampus-Bordeaux Eguna 2018

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3) Funding for co-tutored PhDs

There are two types of grants and subsidies for the co-tutorship proposals for each university with different application methods (important to bear in mind):

1) those aimed at the "classic" PhD (i.e. at a single university), most of which (see conditions) are open to co-tutored PhD students. Co-tutorship is a different adminstrative model but it is similar to that of any Phd research project.

For more information:

-UPV/EHU: “Scholarships and grants” section on the UPV/EHU website (link: 

University of Bordeaux: “Funding opportunities” Section on the Collège des écoles doctorales on the UB website 



2) specific grants and subsidies for co-tutored projects:

-  Call for International Doctorate programme by IdEx Bordeaux (funding for co-tutored theses or co-supervised theses with foreign universities and particularly with strategic partners of the UB, such as the UPV/EHU.

> Further information on the call following this link.

-   Grants for co-tutored proposals for the LTCs (Laboratories for Cross-border Cooperation ).

> Further information by contacting the heads of LTCs in the UPV/EHU and the UB.