About the Campus



Although the partners have been working together closely since 2011, the Bordeaux-Euskampus Euro-regional Campus of International Excellence officially came about in 2014 as a strategic alliance between the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) and the University of Bordeaux (UB) in the context of their Euskampus and IdEx Bordeaux excellence initiatives.


Origin, Mission and Objectives


Its main mission is to create a shared higher education, research and innovation space together with the strategic partners from both universities to become a benchmark in international cooperation.

Rooted in the Bordeaux-Bilbao belt, it aims to become a global reference model capable of:

  • Providing an attractive higher education and teaching-learning-training environment to boost employability on a global scale;
  • Setting up a leading research space in Europe, generating synergies in research and development structures and dynamics;
  • Promoting high added-value ecosystems for innovation in the Nouvelle Aquitaine-Euskadi-Navarra Euroregion together with companies, social organisations, public administrations and citizen organisations.


Image courtesy of SURFRIDER EUROPE, headquarters of the world organization, on the occasion of one of the workshops held in Biarritz within the framework of one of the cross-border campus projects, Ocean i3, 2019 edition


The objectives revolve around 4 areas:

Education and Employability

  • Extend the academic offer from a professional perspective, making it more attractive internationally for students, encouraging mobility between both universities and developing dual degrees, international master’s degrees, etc.



Research and Innovation

  • Set up a leading research space in Europe, promoting greater synergies in research and development structures and dynamics, driving Cross-Border Cooperation Laboratories, PhD and post-PhD co-tutorships, research projects etc.

Commitment to the Territory

  • Support smart specialisation strategies based on promoting regional innovation ecosystems.
  • Strengthen the cultural and linguistic relationship between the regions.

International Projection

  • Increase the international projection of both universities and their joint participation in projects that contribute to strengthening the European-Atlantic Arc within the Europe 2020 Strategy, developing Knowledge Innovation Communities, European Universities, etc.



Current Action Plan 2018-2021

Following 6 years of collaboration, extremely positive evaluations of the results of the Euskampus-Bordeaux Campus by international committees within the framework of Euskampus and IdEx Bordeaux excellence initiatives were achieved. Consequently, the University of Bordeaux joined the Euskampus Fundazioa - during the 3rd Bordeaux-Euskampus Symposium in June 2017, which was a turning point for the Euskampus-Bordeaux Campus.

The alliance was institutionalised once and for all as both universities and the Basque partners share an institutional and financial liability. With this incorporation, the final step from "project" mode to "programme" mode was taken, given the complexity and multiplicity of projects involved in the Euskampus-Bordeaux Campus deployment strategy.

A new Action Plan was drawn up, which was approved in June 2018 and went into operation at the beginning of the 2018-2019 academic year.

It covers a period of three years and considers 4 main areas of action:

o   Education, Employability and Entrepreneurship

o   Research and Innovation

o   Regional Commitment

o   Communication and Marketing

A transversal area of governance, management and stimulation is also envisaged, which has an impact on the aforementioned areas.


The Role of Euskampus Fundazioa

Since the launching of the project, Euskampus Fundazioa was intended to act as a catalyst for the institutional aggregation of its partners, and in particular of those leading the Euskampus-Bordeaux Campus. In addition, it aimed at serving[MOU1] as an operational instrument for the management and governance of the Euskampus-Bordeaux Campus.

It is worth highlighting that the management of the Euskampus-Bordeaux Campus is assumed jointly by administration and service divisions of both Universities, the DIPC and Tecnalia. Expert teams from those entities advise project leaders, teaching staff and/or researchers, students, etc. in the creation of dual degrees, the design of proposals for calls and diverse collaboration agreements, among others.

The tasks carried out by the Euskampus Fundazioa team in terms of the deployment of the Euskampus-Bordeaux campus include:


Stimulation of diverse Euskampus-Bordeaux groups (students, teaching staff, researchers) in the fields of ‘Education, Employability and Entrepreneurship’, ‘Research and Innovation’ and ‘Regional Commitment’, through:

organisation and assistance in meetings, conferences, workshops, seminars, etc.,

monitoring and continuous accompaniment of the aforementioned groups in the three fields, design, and

- deployment of operational programmes in each field, etc.




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