Bizkaia Katedra


Euskampus Fundazioa works on defining the Bizkaia Katedra Programme for the Provincial Council of Bizkaia / Bizkaiko Foru Aldundia (DFB/BFA). The Bizkaia Katedra Programme was conceived as a set of DFB/BFA programmes with the aim that Universities and other knowledge centres both from Bizkaia and from abroad contribute in a decisive, effective, and efficient way to build a better Bizkaia that is more prepared to deal with the future; the actions should preferably focus on six sectors identified as priority areas (automotive, energy, aeronautics, silver economy, big data and the Bilbao financial hub). In essence, Bizkaia Katedra is a way to set up a strategic relationship between the DFB/BFA and universities and knowledge centres with the intention to activate and align higher education, scientific-technological, and innovation capabilities in Bizkaia for the priority economic sectors.

The design and launch of the first Bizkaia-BBK Programme call for applications in October 2017 became the first major milestone of the Bizkaia Katedra Programme. This innovative initiative in collaboration with the BBK Foundation has the objective to train young people in world-renowned centres, after which they join one of the leading companies in Bizkaia under a quality labour contract.