BBK grants programme

 An initiative promoted by the BBK Fundazioa to design and launch a shared and cooperative programme with the social, cultural and scientific entities of Bizkaia in accordance with their training, talent attraction and retention needs, ability to contribute to the strengthening of our social tissue.



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The project aims to design and launch an international grants and companionship programme for the promotion, generation and care of social, cultural and scientific talent in Bizkaia, in order to contribute towards the optimisation of the social and cultural impact, the strengthening of the networks of third sector entities, as well as the social and solidarity-based economy in the region.

  • Train young people in Bizkaia at centres of expertise in priority areas and offer the opportunity of joining a leading social or cultural organisation.
  • Offer our young people a quality and fulfilling job in Bizkaia in the social, scientific or cultural sphere and in the social and solidarity-based economy. Retain talent through training, based on the actual needs of the social structure, with the offer of worthwhile employment.
  • Strengthen the social and cultural entities throughout the region, contribute to the maximisation of their impact and promote the professionalism of their activities through the incorporation of young talent into their teams.
  • Promote closer connections, greater understanding and knowledge transfer among the social and cultural entities in the region and academic institutions through innovative training programmes based on real challenges and needs of the social fabric in Bizkaia.
  • Contribute to the strengthening of local and international BBK Fundazioa networks through coordinated and close work with its own social organisations, university students and international universities.
  • Facilitate the positioning of BBK Fundazioa as an entity that leads innovative projects in the field of university education through its connection with the social and cultural fabric of the region.


Players Involved

BBK Fundazioa, 25 social, scientific and cultural entities of Bizkaia and Euskampus Fundazioa have participated in the design of the programme. The project is aimed at the strengthening and professionalism of these organisations through the training, care and retention of existing talent in Bizkaia.

Role of Euskampus

Euskampus Fundazioa is collaborating with BBK Fundazioa in the design and launch of a programme geared towards training and retaining talent and strengthening the social and cultural fabric of Bizkaia.

Main milestones/actions undertaken

  • Collaborative definition of the BBK grant programme along with 25 social, scientific and cultural entities of Bizkaia.