Cluster of university centres in the Basque Country to maximise the impact of research, training and transfer in the business fabric in light of the challenges of Industry 4.0.


4GUNE is the Basque Cluster for University Training in Engineering, Science and Technology. The presidency of the cluster lies with the University Policy and Coordination Division of the Deputy Ministry for Universities and Research of the Basque Government's Department of Education.

4GUNE is known for its systemic cooperation aligned with the Basque Government’s 2022 University-Business Strategy which ultimately aims at contributing to strengthening the Business+University collaboration in the Basque Country within the new scenario of the Basque RIS3.

The initial years of the 4GUNE Cluster have been developed mainly in Industry 4.0 but it aims to have an impact on all priority areas of the RIS3 in the Basque Country. The main programmes developed within the framework of the cluster are:


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The map of training, research, transfer skills and equipment of the 4GUNE member university centres initially aims to reflect the detailed reality of the Basque University System in relation to Industry 4.0. This is the first step towards fostering a greater transfer of the value generated from the University to the country's productive sector based on the creation and strengthening of the strategic alliances between universities, companies and other social agents. The functioning of the skills map enables the university offer in Industry 4.0 to be seen.



The aim of this programme is to bring the University closer to the Company by fostering practical collaboration between them through business challenges aimed at activating skills, fostering the participation of the student body and university teaching staff. It aims to:

  • Facilitate the development and consolidation of highly skilled human capital.
  • Provide optimal responses with greater value to business challenges.
  • The early detection of talent and retaining it so that it may, in turn, continue overcoming bigger challenges with a wider scope.
  • Foster knowledge transfer and contribute towards the generation of an environment of excellence.
  • Optimise the resources of the network of Basque universities and companies.
  • Strengthen the training and preparation of young people.



The implementation of an executive programme within Industry 4.0 derives from an analysis developed by the Advanced Manufacturing Pilot Group on the competencies demanded by the Basque industry for different professional profiles. This study attempts to determine possible approaches of a qualification and re-qualification system that adapts to the new requirements of the Industry 4.0 paradigm.

With the collaboration of the Pilot Group of the Basque Industry 4.0 Advanced Manufacturing Strategy and the 4GUNE Cluster, good progress is being made in the design and launch of a training programme that meets the demand of Basque businesses in terms of Specialisation 4.0, specifically targeting management profiles.



The main purpose is to acquire skills so that 4GUNE can develop technological prospecting and monitoring to detect technological development trends, opportunities and niches for the different areas of the Basque RIS3. This initiative is 4GUNE's first connection with another European region, and more specifically, it will be carried out in collaboration with the University of Bordeaux's VIAinno Platform.

Once these skills have been acquired by 4GUNE, the Technological Intelligence Cross-border Laboratory aims to carry out technological intelligence studies for the different priority areas of the Basque RIS3, at the request of the different Steering Groups. In 2020, the Technological Intelligence Cross-border Laboratory is available to Basque Industry 4.0 for technological prospecting and monitoring in order to address the issues of greater interest to the sector. To do so, researchers trained for this purpose by 4GUNE in 2019


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