Customized Programmes


This strategic line is made up of all the unique initiatives, projects and programmes aimed at covering and addressing the training, research and innovation needs of public and private entities and groups whose objectives include the maximisation of social impact and the construction of a better society and increased opportunities for all citizens.

Excellence initiatives that add and generate value in:

  • The achievement of greater levels of collaboration and knowledge transfer among the entities of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network and between these and other socio-economic actors from the region and abroad.
  • Research into border socio-economic spheres, such as the measuring and maximisation of the social impact of science and technology and, in general, higher training , research and innovation activities .
  • Talent attraction and retention in the region through the design and launch of programmes geared towards training and strengthening the business and social fabric.

The organisation of events (workshops, seminars, encounters, forums, courses, etc.) in fields related to higher education, research, innovation, internationalisation and collaboration between science, technology and innovation entities.