Programme Euskampus Missions 2.0 2022

The Euskampus Missions programmes were created with the aim of generating a network of research, training and innovation capacities that will participate in coordinated actions to define specific missions in certain mission areas.

After the first experience with the Euskampus Resilience Covid-19 programme launched in 2020 and the 2021 "Euskampus Missions 1.0" programme to promote more Resilient Societies and the Sustainability and valorisation of the oceans, the current Missions 2.0 programme aims to explore and exploit Artificial Intelligence as a key development factor to address major scientific, technological, economic and social challenges. Specifically in the fields of Personalised Health, Circular Economy and Responsible Consumption, Inclusive and Advanced Society and Cleaner Energy


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The current moment calls for joint efforts to move towards more resilient, sustainable and equitable societies. Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides multiple opportunities that can facilitate socio-economic progress in the right direction and at the right speed to better address jointly a series of scientific, technological, economic, social and political challenges that require complex cooperative responses

Specifically, this thematic focus seeks to promote the collaboration of Research Groups from various fields, including the social and human sciences, which, in collaboration with groups from different disciplines, propose innovative projects, both from the point of view of their object of research and from the point of view of methodology and interdisciplinary and systemic approach

Two types of project may be submitted: "Cooperative Research and Innovation" or "Educational Innovation", which must meet the minimum requirements summarised below:

  • At least two research groups belonging to Euskampus entities (UPV/EHU, Tecnalia, DIPC, University of Bordeaux) must participate in each project.
  • Only Euskampus entities will be direct beneficiaries of the programme. Other partner entities of the aforementioned entities that form part of the Basque Science and Technology System (SVCTI) and/or New Aquitaine may participate in the project. 
  • The leadership of the project will be exercised by two Euskampus Entities, and it will be positively valued that the PIs of the projects are young researchers and/or women. 

To facilitate the search and connection with potential collaborators in Artificial Intelligence, you can access the EAAgune (Euskampus AI Community) Capabilities Map where you can find research groups of the Euskampus Entities that develop, generate or apply AI to a greater or lesser extent. 

The general description of the Programme and the general competition provisions can be downloaded here

The application form for cooperative research and innovation projects is available here

The application form for educational innovation projects is available here

Through this Programme, Euskampus Fundazioa aims to contribute to the development of initiatives that generate opportunities to orchestrate joint responses to major challenges. 

Proposals can be sent until 20 May at 17:00h to the following e-mail address: .