UPV/EHU patents a new material for alcohol and water sensors

2013/07/16 08:22:00 GMT+2

Nuevo materialA group of researchers from the Materials Research Unit (EIDOS) at the UPV/EHU Faculty of Science and Technology has successfully synthesised an innovative material.

It is a dehydrated product in the form of powder that is sensitive to the presence of alcohol and water in their gas and liquid stages.  It has numerous practical applications such as improving the food fraud inspection procedures or breathalyser tests.

Alcohol and water sensors are key tools in many monitoring and inspection procedures in the fields of the environment, safety in the workplace, the food sector or quality control.

The new material created at the UPV/EHU, which is reusable, simplifies the functioning of those sensors.  It does not require external energy sources or reagents and it changes colour when reacting  with water and alcohol.  Its use is therefore straightforward, practical and very visual.

The device therefore offers significant advantages over the sensors currently on the market, apart from the cost savings in the process due to its capacity to be reused.

The research team that has created the new material comprises  María Isabel Arriortua (Basque Research Award 2010), Karmele UrtiagaGotzone BarandikaBegoña Bazán and Ainhoa Calderón. They are members of the EIDOS research unit that has focused on studying new components and materials since 1981.

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