"Transcampus Day", Entrepreneurship in the Euro-region.

2012/05/25 00:53:00 GMT+2

On 4 May 2012,  Euskampus hosted the main organisations involved in entrepreneurship in the Euro-region. Along with  Euskampus and the  UPV/EHU, the participants included ECA, from Bordeaux University, Tecnalia, Zitek, Entreprenari-BicBerrilan and Giza. They all outlined their own activities programmes, explained their approach and stressed the opportunity to perform actions in a more coordinated way and design products together.  These included a coordinated event calendar, a joint contest to reward cross-border business initiatives and to invite their respective social network communities to get to know each other. At the end of the sessions, the Euskampus, UPV/EHU and Bordeaux University Working Committee met and reviewed the degree of progress of the joint project activities and to prepare the meeting of the Executive Committee that will take place in June.  Some further projects were also considered, such as a new, possibility virtual infrastructure, to be used to consolidate the Euroregional Campus project and facilitate its development, by contributing new contents.

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