This is how "Passion for Knowledge-Quantum13" was

2013/10/08 09:17:00 GMT+2

“Passion for Knowledge – Quantum 13”, whose main aim has been to disclose science as society’s driving force in favor of the well-being, has taken place from September the 30th to October the 4th. Several activities have been put into practice throughout this week, having Donostia – San Sebastian as the epicenter of the event.

10082862054_671f37dc01_cIn such a superior frame as the Victoria Eugenia Theater, conferences as important as Aaron Ciechanover’s – Nobel laureate in chemistry – about the significance of medicine in sciences, the Spanish neurobiologist Rafael Yuste’s and his team’s about how our brain works, Jocelyn Bell’s – astrophysicist – about everything related to black holes and Sir John Pendry’s – English scientist –  about invisibility were witnessed by a committed audience.

The meetings between these prominent figures and the students attending allowed the students to lead the way since the scientist were at their disposal when solving any doubt the students could have in any professional or personal field, considering that this could put the young science lovers on their way to scientific research.


The BRW Congress, which took place in DIPC’s headquarters, was held in a very similar way. This congress gathered 80 researchers, who worked with issues of huge impact in the physicist area. In addition to this, several training workshops aimed at the university community and the young reserachers were offered during a couple of days in order to make public the diversity of tolos regarding to communication and research.


As a closure, a theatre play has been being presented in the three basque cities and Pamplona: La Entrevista (The Interview). This play, co-written by the writer Luisa Etxenike and the physicist and writer Gustavo A. Schwartz, which has already been a success, looks for sharing the human side of science thanks to the representation of the aims and conflicts two scientists had: Niels Bohr and Werner Heinsberg.

Euskampus Fundazioa wants to thanks all the participants who atended the events. Your passion for knowledge keeps us going. 10082908965_5ea52c167c


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