The Steering Committee of the Cross-border Euroregional Campus establishes their roadmap to the future

2014/06/18 14:17:00 GMT+2

On 16 June 2014, the Steering Committee of the Cross-border Euroregional Campus (EHUBAQ) of the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) and the University of Bordeaux held a meeting in Donostia-San Sebastian. The Cross-border Euroregional Campus is a joint initiative of both universities, born from their excellence projects (Euskampus and IdEx), with the purpose of creating a shared space for training, research and transfer of knowledge that is configured as a key asset for the consolidation of Aquitaine-Euskadi as a knowledge-based Euroregion as well as for its international projection.

The Steering Committee is the maximum decision body of the Euroregional Campus and it is chaired by the Chancellors of these two universities, Iñaki Goirizelaia and Manuel Tuñón de Lara. International representatives from the institutions, Euskampus and IdEx Bordeaux, have also attended this annual meeting.


After completing a positive balance, after two years, of the action plan approved in 2012, they have highlighted among other features, the increasing number of co-tutored theses that have been read in both universities, the joint presentation of 9 European projects since the first call of Horizon 2020, the formation of an Euroregional team integrated by Euskampus and IdEx members, and the creation of the BIS Euskampus mobility instrument, which is permanently open and shared to support collaboration activities between both universities.

In addition to the approval of the executed initiatives, they established the priorities for the following 18 months, highlighting the consolidation of their support to the research community to increase the number of co-tutored initiatives and collaborative international projects and the progress in the connection of the social-economical network of the Euroregion through joint actions with companies according to the priorities marked by the Basque and Aquitaine governments and the Euroregion itself. The joint participation in the European construction of a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) focusing on Active Ageing and Quality of Life is an appropriate framework to delve into the dimension of innovation and transfer of knowledge of the Euroregional Campus.

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