The Center for Basque Studies at the University of Nevada has published three UPV/EHU works on innovation, cooperativism and competitiveness

2012/04/23 23:40:00 GMT+2

Nevada-1 "Innovation: Economic, Social and Cultural Aspects", "Basque Cooperativism" and  "Behavior and Organizational Change" seeks to disseminate internationally knowledge generated in the Basque Country.

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When in 2009, the Chancellor of the UPV/EHU and the Dean of the University of Nevada, Iñaki Goirizelaia and Marc Johnson, signed a partnership agreement  to foster research, scientific dissemination and the social promotion of knowledge, they unveiled a project to publish works of great academic interest . The publication of this collection, known as the Current Research Series, was carried out by the Center for Basque Studies at the University of Nevada (Reno) and is aimed at publishing papers by the research and academic staff at the UPV/ EHU.

After the dissemination of the first four issues, the next three are now being released, "Innovation: Economic, Social and Cultural Aspects", "Basque Cooperativism" and "Behavior and Organizational Change".
The first, published by Mikel Gómez Uranga and Juan Carlos Miguel de Bustos, looks at the innovation culture from different perspectives. "Innovation is commonly associated with the business world, where it plays a key role in each stage of the commercial process. However, it must be also be seen in other complementary ways, including the context, the conditions in which it is generated, leading to the concept of an innovation system, where scientific knowledge is part of the business system in the same way as a supplier," argues the book.
Apart from this volume, Basque Cooperativism has been published, edited by Baleren Bakaikoa and Eneka Albizu, a work focused on the changes and challenges facing the social economy in general and the Basque cooperatives in particular, in the light "of the crisis of the welfare state, the rise in neo-liberal doctrines, privatizations and the current world financial crisis".
The volume edited by Sabino Ayestaran and Jon Barrutia "Behavior and Organizational Change" sets out from a multidisciplinary perspective the challenges and the responses that the companies and organisations face in the area of the organisational change and behaviour, so that they enhance their level of competitiveness in an internationalised economy. It therefore contains research and reflections both from the systemic or structural perspective and from people integrated in organisations. The organisational change is a strategic response to the intensity of the competitiveness. There can be no sustainable organisational change without a change in the behaviour of the individuals.

Current Research Series is part of the UPV/EHU strategy to foster the development of a series of research that apart from increasing the generation of knowledge, creates a body of researchers that excel in different fields. The aim is also to facilitate and support the international publication of first-rate academic research. In the coming issues, the works will tackle multidisciplinary issues that cover subjects such as violence and communication, climate change and sustainable development, the Basque language and linguistic policy, urban regeneration, public management and citizen participation, cultural industries and art in the Basque Country, among others.

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