Second session of Mentoring Missions, the itinerary of support to cooperative R+i projects

2022/07/06 13:55:00 GMT+2

The second session of the Mentoring Missions itinerary was held, a further step in the definition of mission areas that will allow coordinating actions and achieving a greater impact of the Euskampus Missions projects.

On June 28th took place online the second session of Mentoring Missions. The session was attended by 25 researchers from the UPV/EHU, University of Bordeaux and Tecnalia, all of them members of the projects submitted to the last call for Missions 1.0 launched in 2021, as well as representatives of the Euskampus team leading this initiative.



Illustration of the Mentoring Missions itinerary

The Mentoring itinerary is organized in 5 sessions and in each of them the research teams participating in the Missions Program work on a co-creative process. On this occasion, the aim was to design a collaborative scenario in which their Missions 1.0 projects are oriented towards a shared mission and thus achieve a greater scope and impact of their actions.

This second session entitled "Defining the Euskampus missions" was based on the "First Thematic Map", previously drawn up in session 1, from which three Grand Challenges were identified: Resilient Societies, Sustainability and Valorization of the Oceans and Circular Society/Economy.

Three working groups were formed for each of the challenges and it was proposed, through a dynamic created ad hoc, to adopt the vision of a European commissioner in order to identify larger scale concerns associated with these challenges and the themes included in the map.

The 3 groups included representatives of the 9 projects approved in the Missions 1.0 program,  in order to obtain interdisciplinary contributions from the perspective of each of the projects. The work of the groups was supported by a collaborative online support in which the participants were developing content. Throughout the morning, the groups shared,  in plenary session, the results of their work: a set of problems and general objectives associated with each of the three major challenges proposed.

With the result of this workshop, it will be possible to define a first proposal of Euskampus Missions and Objectives that will be the basis to start coordinating the contributions of the Missions 1.0 projects in a collaborative scenario of greater scope.

Session 3 of the Mentoring itinerary will take place at the beginning of the 2022-23 academic year. Based on the above-mentioned results, the session will consist of an exercise to define desired and achievable impacts within the framework of each of the defined missions. We remind you that between sessions, the participating community will be able to continue contributing and interacting on the Euskampus Digital platform.

The Mentoring process is underway, the Missions 1.0 project teams are already active and creating a scenario in which to coordinate their actions and capabilities to achieve an amplified impact.

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