OUT THERE cinema cycle

2018/01/23 10:48:31.261566 GMT+1 DIPC

Astrophysicist Kip Thorne, 2017 Physics Nobel Prize winner, said that his goal as a consultant to Interstellar (Christopher Nolan, 2014) was to make a lm that could stimulate youth interest in science. He was certainly successful at his job, and not just among the youth. The cinema cycle HOR KANPOAN/AHÍ FUERA/ OUT THERE, organized by the Basque Film Archive, Azkuna Zentroa and the Donostia International Physics Center, seeks to interest all spectators in both science and cinema. Both are creative disciplines that interpret reality, using the tools that are proper to each. Both are essential parts of our culture and have transformed our perception of the world. Cinema stimulates our imagination to the point of transporting us to the front lines of space adventure. Or even to the point of dreaming about some kind of extraterrestrial life, a subject of frequent debate in today's specialized scientific community...Full program



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