Mapping Ignorance

2013/02/14 09:32:00 GMT+1

Mapping Ignorance is an online science release media driven by the Scientific Culture Professorship of the UPV/EHU, within the framework of the Campus of International Excellence Proyect-Euskampus. Its main goal is to place the Basque Country as an international reference point in terms of the generation and transfer of knowledge, technological innovation and sustainable development.

The mission of Mapping Ignorance is to translate the scientific productions into an understandable language to everyone, and at the same time to spread and internationalize the latest progress in science and technology carried out from the UPV/EHU. In order to do so, they enjoy the help of a group of experts in different fields, whose aim is to make the thrilling world of science and technical information enjoyable to anyone interested.

The initiative,  that is shaped into a blog, aims at the research blogging, standards, an internet platform that identifies the best academic entries in terms of research published in the web. Apart from that, these entries are judged according to the checking system by pairs,  which submits the publication to the criteria of experts of similar or higher grade than the author’s. In this way the quality, the reliability and the originality of the contents published comply with the mentioned standards.

To ease the science release work, Mapping Ignorance has created an account in Twitter and in Facebook associated to the blog. Thanks to these accounts it is possible to be updated with the scientific progress and research of the UPV/EHU.

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