Juan Jose Ibarretxe


Global Society.... Local Solution: The old "Global annuls local" paradigm has proven to be wrong and has led to the creation of a new paradigm: "Local makes the world go round". In fact, in the words of J. Stiglitz, countries "that took their own destiny in their hands" have benefited most from globalisation. Therefore, the prophetic words of E.F. Schumacher in the 1970s have become a reality: “small is beautiful”, which later became the statement of Professor Etxenike in the 21st Century: "The challenge of small", or, in other words: global vision without forgetting our roots... All this is reflected in the "Basque Case", a case of social economical and political transformation that is being studied at many Universities abroad. The conclusion is that the "hopeful vision" relies on the "R&D&I&K" formula. It is possible to learn from the experiences of others in terms of R&D&I, but life doesn't have an instructions book, so the formula cannot work properly unless we add the "K" representing the local culture.

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