IKUR 2030 Strategy, a firm commitment on the future.

2021/05/31 18:25:00 GMT+2

The Basque Government will invest an additional 100 million euros in 10 years to promote strategic areas of research.

The Minister of Education Jokin Bildarratz, together with the Deputy Minister of Universities and Research Adolfo Morais, presented the Ikur 2030 Strategy launched by the Department of Education in the field of excellence research. Ikur 2030 was created with the aim of strengthening the scientific output of the Basque Country and achieving an international position in specific niches. It is strongly committed to four strategic areas of research for the coming years, in which the Department of Education will invest 100 million euros: Neurosciences; Quantum Technologies; Neutrionics; Supercomputing and Artificial Intelligence.

The Ikur 2030 Strategy will make a firm commitment to four emblematic areas or niches, from now until 2030. It is a decision aligned with the main science initiatives and lines of research at an international level. They are a global commitment, due to their potential to respond to global challenges, and in which the Basque Country has unique capabilities.

The four strategic areas of Ikur, and some of its sectors or areas of application are:

  • Neurobiosciences: with application sectors such as healthy aging or personalized medicine.
  • Quantum Technologies: applicable, among others, in aerospace technology or telecommunications.
  • Neutrionics (encompasses neutron and neutrino physics): with very diverse fields such as the Biomedical Industry, energy storage or the environment.
  • Supercomputing and Artificial Intelligence: fields such as intelligent industry, or the field of energy.

The presentation of the Ikur 2030 Strategy was also attended by representatives of the 9 BERC research centers (Centers for Basic Research and Excellence) dependent on the Department of Education, which will play an important driving role within the Ikur Strategy.

For its part, the Basque Foundation for Science Ikerbasque will also carry out an important task within the Ikur Strategy: it will be in charge of attracting scientists of the highest level so that they become part of the strategy, as well as managing the funds that will be derived to the different BERCs. Likewise, Euskampus will collaborate with the Department of Education and Ikerbasque in the strategic planning and in the monitoring and evaluation of Ikur.

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