IKD GAZtE unveils its Sense of Initiative Learning Module

2013/01/25 08:44:00 GMT+1

ikd gazteOn 17 January, the Educational Experience-Sharing Seminar organised by the UPV/EHU IT Faculty was held, where IKD GAZtE unveiled its Sense of Initiative Learning Module proposals that will be run as a pilot scheme during the 2012/2013 academic year.

IKD GAZtE is a strategy by and for the students whose core promoter is students from the UPV/EHU and its main objective is to foster a sense of initiative and empower the students within the implementation framework of the new UKP/EHU IKD curriculum development model.

Through a series of well-structured steps, the module proposed by IKD GAZtE wants students to take centre stage and be co-responsible for their learning thanks to the auto-suggestion of learning projects of social interest.

The learning model will consist of eight three-hour sessions where the participants will develop competences to create, implement and assess their projects. Prior to the work beginning, the goals and methodology of the experience are set out and the pre-selected social partners, their work and their needs are presented. The groups will select with which social partner to work to offer it a service in keeping with the needs put forward and then studied. Each participant of the different groups will contribute their information and their knowledge to create their service learning project. Once a prototype of that work has been designed, they will meet again with the social partners and will set out the ideas and the project, with input and feedback being given.

After this meeting, they will be able to begin to design, plan, manage and implement the service in reality and seeing how their know-how can be applied to benefit social organisations.

One of the main characteristics of this learning module is the coming up against real experience to develop a series of competences linked to the sense of initiative that will enable them to transform their ideas into acts. They will also work on creativity, innovation and proficiency to plan and manage projects, among other points. Teamwork is also tested during this experience as it is aimed at students from different fields who will have to proceed by working together.

It is an ambitious project that seeks to showcase the importance of experience and auto-suggestion in learning. IKD GAZtE also adds social commitment value, a very important quality for this group of students of the UPV/EHU.

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