Green light in Europe for the Transcreativa project, led by Sinnergiak

2012/10/30 11:36:00 GMT+1

The European authorities have chosen the Transcreativa project, led by Sinnergiak Social Innovation, among the projects selected within the Interreg SUDOE call. Transcreativa is an European project to foster the creation of youth employment in the field of cultural and creative industries. The project brings together partners from the region of Aquitaine (France) and Coimbra (Portugal) along with the Basque representation in which, in addition to Sinnergiak, take part Tecnalia and the Donostia 2016 European Cultural capital. Aquitaine´s representation consists of BEM-Bordeaux Management School, ESTIA (Ecole Supérieure des Technologies Industrielles Avancées), and ANTIC-Agence Pays Basque NICTs. The Portuguese partners are Instituto Pedro Nunes from Coimbra, the camera Municipal de Coimbra and the University of Coimbra.
Cultural and creative industries label refers to those industries that combine the creation, production and marketing of intangible creative contents which may take the form of goods or services. They are based on creativity (individual and collective) and have a potential for wealth and employment creation based on the combination of talent, technology and clustering. The main purpose of the TRANSCREATIVA project is to place the cultural and creative industries as a good European practice that is able to combine economic development (technology transfer) with social cohesion (young unemployed).
The Cultural and Creative Industries include: design, advertising, architecture, crafts, fashion, audiovisual media (cinema, video, television, etc.), video games, music, performing arts, cultural heritage, and publications. Today it's a sector that has remained hidden to statistics and innovation policies and that however has a relevant regional development potential.
Among the main results, is expected to generate the following effects to the end of its duration, 6 months: -Creation of regional creative poles and a virtual HUB as inter-regional cluster of innovation comprising young people, companies, institutions, universities and technological agents. -Transfer of technology that will improve the competitiveness of the sector of the cultural and creative industries. -Training of young people on emerging skills. -Creation of new creative and technology-based cooperative companies. -Dissemination of the project as a good European practice of regional development with social cohesion -Recommendations of public policies for the promotion of cultural and creative industries as a field open to innovation and creator of employment

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