First work agenda: Focus on areas of shared excellence

2011/12/23 23:11:00 GMT+1

The first meeting of the Cross-Border Campus Committee, lead by the entities in the Euskampus project, the UPV/EHU, Tecnalia and DIPC and Bordeaux University 1 included as well, in a similar dynamics of excellence, IdEx Bordeaux, was used to agree the work focus, the broad outlines of the roadmap and the initial actions.
The delegates at the meeting, Manuel Tuñon de Lara and Hélène Jacquet (Bordeaux University ), Iñaki Goirizelaia and Amaia Maseda (UPV/EHU, Pedro Etxenique and Ricardo Diez (DIPC), Igor Campillo and Katixa Peigneguy (Euskampus Fundazioa), came to the following conclusions:

  1. Special emphasis will be given to the implementation, and consolidation of R&D&i collaborative projects by the groups of excellence at Bordeaux University and Euskampus in the areas of shared specialisation of the two campuses.
  2. Importance will be place on designing double courses, with the thesis being jointly supervised, on mobility programmes for academic staff, students and researchers.
  3. Work will be carried out on transversal theme with a euro-regional approach, such an entrepreneurship, in Higher Education or employability and entry of the students into the labour market, etc.

The Working Committee consisting of technicians from Bordeaux University and the Euskampus Foundation will be responsible for helping to deploy this project onsite with the backing of all the stakeholders involved.

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