Euskampus introduces the Poles of Knowledge

2013/11/22 08:14:00 GMT+1

Throughout these past two weeks, Fernando Plazaola and Amaia Maseda, Vice-Rectors of Research and Transfer & Projection of the UPV/EHU, Joseba Jauregizar, Chairman of Tecnalia, Igor Campillo, Director of Euskampus Fundazioa and Jordi Campàs Velasco, Cooperative Research Manager of Euskampus Fundazioa have been presenting the Poles of Knowledge of Euskampus, in the three Basque capitals, as well as in the University Campus of Leioa.

The Poles of Knowledge have as main objective the creation of areas for transdisciplinary and inter-institutional collaboration which define themselves in social and global challenges. According to Igor Campillo it is important to mention the participation of more than 150 researchers of 13 different institutions, to which another 10 research groups have joined their efforts to provide new projects and actions.

“The poles of knowledge are not new structures, nor new niche sites, nor superstructures made by the entities that define the aggregation. The Poles are like waves that expand themselves in water and create interference patrons” explained Igor Campillo, who insisted in the fact that the most important thing is to identify the social and global challenges that illustrate the area for collaboration in the Pole, based on the trends and/or strategic plan that will release its own  capacities in the aggregation’s environment.

Jordi Campàs commented on the Poles and their realization according to a triple A: Aggregation of the three entities that set up Euskampus, Bet of a Project of specialization and excellence and Agility as a capacity for quick answers to mobilize the whole of the social basis of the Euskampus community in a fast way and efficient way.

There are 11 Poles of Knowledge regarding the four areas of specialization of Euskampus:

  • Sustainable Eco-systems and Environmental Technologies.
  • Healthy Ageing and quality of life
  • Innovative Processes and New Materials
  • Culture, Art and Heritage

Ana Ayerbe, Tecnalia, from global communication

Andone Estonba UPV/EHU, from Health and sustainable upgrading of the oceans

Arantza Diaz, UPV/EHU, from global communication

Asun Rivero, Tecnalia, from Manufacturing

Iñaki Antigüedad, UPV/EHU, from Territory, Landscape and Heritage

Javier Meana,  UPV/EHU, from the Pole of Neurosciences

José Luis Villate, Tecnalia, from the Pole of Oceans’ Health and their sustainable valorization

Joxe Ramon Bengoetxea,  Tecnalia , from the Pole of  Oceans’ Health and their sustainable valorization

Luis Norberto López de Lacalle,  UPV/EHU, from the Pole of Manufacturing

Manu Olariaga, UPV/EHU, from the Pole of Social Transformation

María Puy Portillo, UPV/EHU, from the Pole of Nutrition and Healthy Food habits

Frank Girot,  UPV/EHU, from the Pole of Manufacturing

Xabier Ostolaza, UPV/EHU, from the Pole of Oceans’ Health and their sustainable valorization

The Poles of Knowledge give an answer also to the Smart Specialization Strategy RIS3 and to Horizon 2020, for they represent a clear strategic bet the Euskampus Aggregation makes on the coming research, teaching and knowledge transfer.

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