EUSKAMPUS-BORDEAUX EGUNA - 30th November, 2018, Donostia-San Sebastián

2018/11/26 16:35:00 GMT+1

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Euskampus-Bordeaux Eguna will took  place on 30 November 2018 in the Ignacio Mª Barriola Building at the UPV/EHU (University of the Basque Country) campus in San Sebastian.

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Simultaneous translation was offered (French, Basque, Spanish).

 Two major initiatives that have been boosted in the Euskampus context in recent years will converge at Euskampus-Bordeaux Eguna: the Community of Knowledge Poles and Euskampus-Bordeaux Campus.

 Euskampus-Bordeaux Eguna is inspired by two past events:

  • The 2014, 2015 and 2017 editions of the Euskampus – Bordeaux Symposium, held in Bordeaux, San Sebastián and Bordeaux, respectively. The Euskampus-Bordeaux Symposia have helped to initiate, structure and consolidate collaboration between the UPV/EHU and the University of Bordeaux, together with their communities of partners in the framework of the Euskampus and IdEx Bordeaux excellence projects. Each symposium included, over two busy days, workshops coordinated by scientific research staff, sessions for administration and services staff, sessions and activities for the co-tutored doctoral community, bilateral meetings, competitions and plenary sessions. The programme was interspersed with social moments to celebrate and experience the diverse multilinguistic and multicultural backgrounds and to make friends.
  • Euskampus Eguna, held in November 2017 in Bilbao. Euskampus Eguna was a workshop with UPV/EHU, Tecnalia and DIPC researchers, which had the aim of relaunching the Euskampus Community of Knowledge Poles that took place in 2017.


The Poles of Knowledge space continues in 2018 and work has been carried out to establish a new Action Plan for Euskampus-Bordeaux Campus. Several workshops and meetings are also taking place with groups from the UPV/EHU, Tecnalia, DIPC and the University of Bordeaux. Euskampus-Bordeaux Eguna 2018 is therefore a privileged event in which these two initiatives and the communities behind them take a look at each other and rediscover what they have to offer, in order to start a new phase in the development of institutional alliances between entities that are part of Euskampus.


Euskampus-Bordeaux Eguna is open to everyone in the UPV/EHU, Tecnalia, DIPC and the University of Bordeaux. Spaces are limited so they will be available on a first-come, first-served basis by registering on the Euskampus website, which will be announced sufficiently in advance. There will be collective transport to San Sebastián from Leioa, Bilbao, Vitoria-Gasteiz and Bordeaux.

Euskampus-Bordeaux Eguna is coordinated by Euskampus Fundazioa.



 Download the programme

A programme for Euskampus-Bordeaux Eguna is shown below:


10:15 - 11:00 - Registration and Welcome Coffee 

11:00 - 11:30 - Auditorium - Official Opening

Nekane Balluerka, Rector of UPV/EHU

Manuel Tuñon de Lara, Rector of UNIVERSITÉ DE BORDEAUX

Iñaki San Sebastián, CEO of TECNALIA

Pedro Miguel Etxenike, President of DIPC

11:30 - 13:30  - Plenary Session

General Presentation of the Poles

General Presentation of How Euskampus-Bordeaux Works

Presentation of each Pole of Knowledge

Presentation of each Euskampus-Bordeaux Workshop and Meeting

14:00 - 15:15  - Hall 1st. floor - Lunch with Posters

15:15 - 15:45  - Auditorium - My Thesis in 180 Seconds. Presentations of jointly supervised Doctoral Thesis in the MT180 style

15:45 - 16:15 - Public Signing of Agreements

16:15 - 16:45  - Official Closing Ceremony 

16:45 - Farewell Coffee and Refreshments

17:30 - End of the day

We hope that the second Euskampus-Bordeaux Eguna really encourages alliances between the UPV/EHU, the University of Bordeaux, Tecnalia, the DIPC and other partners in the Basque Country and the city of Bordeaux.




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