ENLIGHT - Presentation of the European Universities' initiative

2020/02/27 11:20:00 GMT+1

Nekane Balluerka, rector of the UPV / EHU has presented to the Minister of Education of the Basque Government, Cristina Uriarte, the main axes of the project of European University that develops the public university, within the consortium Enlight

The UPV / EHU has presented its project to the European Universities initiative within the European Enlight consortium, made up of nine European universities. This consortium is defined as a network of universities that promotes equitable quality of life, sustainability and global commitment through the transformation of higher education. Among the objectives of Enlight are, therefore, to promote the empowerment of students to achieve a socially engaged citizenship, to work closely with the local institutions of the territories and to promote sustainable models within a global context.

The Enlight consortium will work closely with local socio-economic ecosystems to address multiple challenges and will feed on the geographical, cultural and linguistic diversity of its members, with up to 11 official languages. Together with the Basque public university, the following European universities are part of the Enlight consortium: University of Bordeaux (France), National of Ireland Galway, Comenius de Bratislava (Slovakia), Tartu (Estonia), Ghent (Belgium), Göttingen (Lower Saxony) , Germany), Groningen (Netherlands) and Uppsala (Sweden).

During the meeting, counsellor and rector agreed that the project presented by the UPV / EHU for the European Universities initiative is a challenging and strategic project, especially regarding the training and enabling of students. Both conceive this initiative as an opportunity, because of the new possibilities it opens to the UPV / EHU for academic collaboration, or for the projection of research, teaching and transfer.

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