A great experience at the Business Model Seminar

2013/06/28 11:29:00 GMT+2

The Business Model Seminar was held on June 17th-24th in Bordeaux. Students from both the UPV/EHU and the University of Bordeaux took part in it. Two girls of the UPV/EHU attended the event and here you can read their experience:

After a trip of 2 and a half hours we finally arrived at Bordeaux, the city where the entrepreneurship seminar for doctorates would be held. It was organised by the Entrepreneuriat Campus Aquitaine (ECA) of the University of Bordeaux. Once settled, and after a day off on Monday, we started with the first lessons, which were classified as theory classes, experiences of young entrepreneurs and team work for putting into practice all we had learnt in order to produce a Business Model.

All the students taking part were French, and they were specialized in different academic areas such as astrophysics, mechanic engineering, medicine, laws, sociology… all this provided a wide variety of point of views for the common project, making it a richer traineeship as we learnt from each other. Besides, since the very beginning we became really good friends, joking and laughing, especially during lunch.

The Seminar’s planning was perfect, taking into account the learning objectives and the project’s development. The last day we finished the Seminar with an oral explanation of the Business Model projects. After that, we had a great meal where we interacted with teachers, speakers and students.

To sum up, just to say that it has been a really rewarding experience and that we absolutely recommend everybody interested in entrepreneurship to take part in it.

Business Model

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