Raquel Tabarés

As the Financial Controller, I am responsible for the Foundation’s economic-financial management.


I have a degree in Business Administration from the UPV/EHU, which I complemented with post-graduate studies in International Accounting, and I later earned the title of Accounts Auditor. My professional life started in Education, having taught at the UPV/EHU Faculty of Business and Economics, and I subsequently stepped into the auditing world. As an Accounts Auditor I was able to understand the reality of many kinds of companies, from cooperatives to foundations, associations, and even international group companies; I have carried out account auditing and consulting work, which has allowed me to develop a versatile profile. This profile has been very useful in my later role as Chief Financial Officer. Continuously improving myself and learning have guided the paths I have taken in both my professional and working lives.


I would say that I am a simple person, who enjoys the little things in life, and reading is one of my greatest joys.