Miriam Ruiz Yániz

I am  Head of Cooperative Research and Innovation, where I coordinate and streamline the Euskampus Poles of Knowledge communities and cooperative actions.

I joined the team in January 2020, taking on the new phase of my professional career with great enthusiasm. It is focused on providing value to the Euskampus Trustees and the Basque Science Technology and Innovation System through a project that invigorates the invaluable capabilities in R&D&I of the Basque Country in general, and the Euskampus community in particular.

Over the past 10 years I have overseen the programmes and the internationalisation of the General Foundation of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) through various approaches: by creating, implementing, and coordinating different initiatives to support the internationalisation and transfer of knowledge among researchers and facilitating the co-operation between science and society, without neglecting the monitoring and measurement of their impact. During this period I have developed studies in the research capacities attempting to identify trends. Furthermore, I have been responsible for the economic and financial management and the communication and dissemination of different projects attempting to promote the collaboration between different agents of the R&D&I system by the different research groups. I have also organised workshops and collaborative projects for specific issues to catalyse public-private collaboration.


I hold a degree in Business Administration and Management by the University of Deusto and I was scholarship awardee by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, which allowed me to study a post-graduate degree in EU Political Sciences and Law at the Catholic University of Leuven (UCL). Thanks to this grant, I began my professional career in the field of international consultancy (Technopolis Innovation Group), where I spent the first years in Brussels, travelling around the world and developing my job in English and French.


Several years ago, I began a PhD on Economics and Innovation Management, which I reconcile with my job.

Thanks to my former experience I have dealt with the great differences between agents from different environments and cultures. The companies managed by market rules, the demands of the fields of academia and research, and the public institutions’ urge to serve are clear examples of it. I see these differences as an opportunity to identify complementary features that result in top value synergies.

I am a very active person; I strive to be well informed and to learn constantly. Happiness lies in the greatness of the little things. I love playing sports and spending time with my family and friends, enjoying the outdoors or the cultural agenda of the place where I am at each moment. Travelling is always a good option to disconnect, gain perspective and open the mind.