Katixa Peigneguy

I am responsible for the dynamics of the Bordeaux-Euskampus Campus, the strategic programme that was born from bringing together excellence initiatives led by the UPV/EHU (Euskampus) and the University of Bordeaux (IdEx Bordeaux).

I have a Degree in Political Sciences from Sciences-Po Rennes and a Master's Degree in Public Management from Sciences-Po Bordeaux (France). I have been involved in a variety of territorial development projects covering different areas (science, technology and innovation, entrepreneurship, training, etc.) since I began my professional career. These projects include inter-cultural cross-border dynamics (essentially Spanish-French ones) and international dynamics focussing mostly on New Aquitaine and the Basque Country where I have worked in various consultancy capacities; I have never ceased to “navigate” through these regions, and even more so now in the position I took on in the Euskampus project in December 2011.

I was lucky to have grown up in a cross-border area (French Basque Country) and I suppose that is why I was always fascinated by this mixture of remoteness and closeness between Bilbao and Bordeaux. In a region where several languages are spoken, different cultures and/or ways of seeing or doing things are intertwined. So similar yet so different, these areas offer great opportunities and wealth in all aspects, so many of which are yet to emerge and be explored by the students, researchers, institutions and companies that are already settled here or that will “pass through”, attracted by the potential. I am passionate about contributing to “detect” and “trigger”, to find out about these opportunities and make them known to others, transforming them into tangible projects in the fields of training, employability, entrepreneurship, research and innovation, regional commitment, international marketing and positioning, and the 4 backbone initiatives of the Euskampus-Bordeaux project.

For this reason I feel comfortable in my facilitating role, as the “connector” and “bridge” between individuals and between organisational, university and business agents that can all earn something from knowing each other, getting together, building together and collaborating on being the best on an international level.


The Bordeaux-Euskampus Campus encompasses a community of

  • More than 110,000 students.
  • More than 9,000 researchers.
  • Around 5,000 administration and service personnel.