Itxaso Etxebarria

I am the Euskampus Communications Coordinator and I am also responsible for managing the Foundation’s multidisciplinary projects.

I have been part of the Euskampus team since 2012, where my versatile and multi-lingual profile have allowed me to take on challenges varying in nature and complexity; challenges such as supporting the Foundation’s Administration and Finance area, and taking part in collaborative research for the Poles of Knowledge, in particular the Heraklito Pole for Global Communication.

I have a Degree in Philosophy and Literature (English Philology section) from the University of Deusto. I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour. I have a Master's degree in Foreign Trade from the Elkano School of Business Studies (UPV/EHU), a Master’s in Business Management from the Bilbao School of Engineers (UPV/EHU) and I am an Euskalit Evaluator. Recently finished the European Master in Multilingualism and Education at the UPV/EHU Faculty of Education, Philosophy and Anthropology, a Master’s Degree led by the Donostia Research Group on Multilingualism and Education, “DREAM”.

I have lived in Hollister (California, USA) where I finished my secondary education studies, in the UK where I worked as the head of student courses and stays, and in France where I went to university.

On a professional level, I have been a full professor at the Secretarial School of the University of Deusto and at the Bilbao Chamber of Commerce, the UPV School of Engineers and for various companies and Public Administrations (Provincial Council of Bizkaia, BBVA, Petronor, among others). These were very rewarding years, as teaching brings meaning to your work, which is usually not socially recognised as much as it should be, but when this teaching is vocational it provides a lot of internal benefits.

After almost 7 years in Public Administration as Deputy Municipal Archivist and Member of the Getxo Town Council Quality Committee, I worked as a consultant for Estrategia Local and EUDEL, implementing innovation agendas throughout Basque town councils in Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa.

I am fascinated by multilingual studies of the different structures of reality that we experience, the curious nature of differences in sociolinguistic perspective, and the potential to explore methodologies that apply diverse languages and the cultural burden that this implies, maybe that is why I am still studying. I am always aware of the emotional exchange of socio-cultural profiles that surround us and their interpretations.

I am a huge spinning fan, and I love going on bike rides; it helps me to disconnect and bring my endorphins up. A secret passion? Music, in all its versions, and of course the beauty that nature has to offer us every day for free, and being able to enjoy this privilege and show it to my 3 children.