Ibon Iturriaga Uriarte

I am Head of Research Programmes. My job in Euskampus is to design, carry out, monitor and assess programmes and projects that are driving, collaborative and with a potentially high impact in the Basque science, technology and innovation system, and in the socioeconomic fabric of the Basque Country.

I hold a degree in Economics from the UPV/EHU, specialising in Mathematical Economics. I have research proficiency and gained the Advanced Studied Diploma in Economics and Public Finance, also from the UPV/EHU, and during this time I was a pre-doctoral intern at the Basque Government. I carried out doctoral courses in contingent valuation and welfare economics at the University of Gothenburg. Then I completed an Executive Master’s degree in Competitiveness and Regional Development at the University of Deusto.

Before working as a consultant, I was an associate professor at the Sarriko School of Economics and Business, where I taught Microeconomics and Game Theory. After that, as well as working in consultancy, I was a professor of Economic Policy at Deusto Business School.

I have spent most of my professional career working in consultancy, in the areas of regional development and science, technology and innovation, at several companies such as Socintec, Azertia, Indra and Minsait.

During this time I have taken part in the design of strategies for the government such as science, technology and innovation plants, university plans and RIS3 strategies. I have also worked in strategic consultancy in the public sector, developing specific strategies for companies and cluster organisations.

Linked to the implementation of these strategies, I have worked on the design of plans to start up scientific-technological infrastructure and instruments to support R&D&I. I have also worked on the development of all kinds of projects to face the challenges of collaboration, internationalisation, attracting investors and participation in several programmes at once. 

Also in the area of public policy, I have carried our monitoring, assessment and impact analysis of innovation systems, organisations and instruments.


I love to learn. I like science, technology and innovation.