Stratgic Plan 2030




10+10 years of international excellence and cooperation for the COMMON GOOD

When Euskampus celebrates its 10th anniversary, the vision for 2030 has been renewed in order to enable the UPV/EHU, DIPC and TECNALIA, along with the University of Bordeaux, and its Trustees and partners as a whole, to contribute towards fostering a more prosperous, sustainable and equitable society.


Euskampus Fundazioa was set up on 19th July 2011. It was originally set up to drive the Conversion Project to Euskampus - CEI Euskampus Campus of International Excellence, led by the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), within the framework of a strategic alliance with the Tecnalia Research and Technological Development Centre (TECNALIA) and the Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC). The companies, CAF and Ormazabal-Velatia, and the Basque Foundation for Science, Ikerbasque, have also been Trustees of Euskampus Fundazioa since 2012. The University of Bordeaux joined its Board of Trustees in 2017.

Connecting institutions, disciplines and people, co-creating knowledge and solutions for the COMMON GOOD.

Thanks to the success obtained in the fulfilment of the original mission, related to the development of the Conversion to Campus of International Excellence Project, and its subsequent continuity and diversification with new programmes, and in the context of the new Strategic Frameworks for the Basque Country and Europe, a new Euskampus Fundazioa Strategic Plan for 2030 has been drawn up. The new Strategic Plan is an evolution of what has been achieved and an extension of the influence of Euskampus. On one hand, the constant support for the Alliance between the UPV/EPU, the University of Bordeaux, DIPC and Tecnalia is strengthened, whilst new cooperative formulas are introduced (Euskampus Knowledge Communities and Missions in which the participation of students from the UPV/EHU and the University of Bordeaux is fostered), with the aim of increasing joint impact. The original idea of Campus of International Excellence is maintained but revamped and adapted to the new context of the Basque Country and Europe, as well as the UPV/EPU, the University of Bordeaux, DIPC and TECNALIA, bearing in mind the ENLIGHT European University Alliance. On the other hand, collaboration with the Basque Government’s Department for Education is increased in order to extend the driving capacity of innovative cooperative programmes implemented by Euskampus to other contexts (rest of Basque universities, science system (BERCs), etc.) and hence increase the perimeter of influence of Euskampus.

This will all be achieved with the principles and values that identify Euskampus: catalyse collaboration between different entities, foster interdisciplinarity, address the complexity and focus on the whole system, agility in processes, flexibility of approaches, commitment to excellence and the loyalty to its trustees. 

We are looking towards the future, satisfied with the path travelled and eager to continue contributing towards turning a better world into a reality: connecting institutions, disciplines and people, co-creating knowledge and solutions for the COMMON GOOD.

Download Strategic Plan here.