Articles of Association of the Foundation


Euskampus Fundazioa is a non-profit organisation of foundational nature, whose assets are committed for an indefinite period of time to the achievement of its general interest aims.

The Foundation shall be governed at the discretion of its founding members and regulated by these Articles of Association, by the Basque Foundations Act (Ley 9/2016 de Fundaciones del País Vasco), as well as its complementary regulations and other legal provisions in force which may be applicable.

The Foundation is a self-owning separate legal entity, since it was registered in the Registry of Foundations, and will have full legal capacity, being able to act, with no other restriction than those limitations established by its founding members at the act of incorporation, everything set forth in this Articles of Association and in the Law on Basque Foundations (Ley 9/2016 de Fundaciones del País Vasco).

Download here Euskampus’ Articles of Association.

Basque Official Gazette:  Euskampus Fundazioa Registration.27 December 2011