Marta Barandiaran

Member of the IkasGura Research Group

Marta Barandiaran Landin (Santander, 1968) has a degree in Fine Arts, specialty: Painting (1991) and specialty: Restoration (1992) and a PhD in Fine Arts (1997), as well as a specialist teacher in Early Childhood Education (2011) with the qualification end of extraordinary award. Since 1999 she is a tenured professor in the Department of Painting of the Faculty of Fine Arts. She has been secretary of the Faculty of Fine Arts (1996-1997) and secretary of the Department of Painting (2000-2001). From 2013 to 2017 she has been director of International Mobility at the UPV / EHU. He has also been Head of the Doctorate Program: "Cultural property and its conservation" (2004-2007). He has a six-year research period and has co-directed two doctoral theses. She is a project evaluator for ANEP, among other agencies. She has directed four research projects and has participated in another 14 (regional, state and European). She is the author of a patent, 12 publications in scientific journals, three book chapters, two books (published in Basque, Spanish and English) and more than 25 publications at conferences. He is a member of the Research Group: IkasGura: hezkuntza aldaketa unibertsitatean, recognized by the UPV / EHU. She has been a tutor of the ERAGIN program: Project-based learning (2011-2015). He has obtained an excellent evaluation in the Docentiaz program in two calls.